Rebecca Spour

Rebecca Spour is a serial entrepreneur passionate about the future of money and digitization. Born in the Capital region of Canada, she was introduced to the nascent digital asset sector in 2014 by University of Guelph peers who ended up raising 20+ million for a p2p consensus protocol and quickly grew their business from two coders to several hundred.

Formerly at power corp, she has 6+ years of valuable experience as a financial consultant and is known for her passion for behavioural economics; where mind meets money. Rebecca Spour holds a degree in neuroscience from the University of Guelph, is a licensed benefits broker and formerly a mutual fund dealer.

She is also a silent shareholder in a company trying to rid the world of having to remember passwords by creating universal logins via patented biometrics meets biographical applications – IAM solutions that will leverage the innovation of blockchain. 

She has also reported on various digital asset sector topics for Canadian National News, European Club of Canada, Toronto Waterfront Magazine, and various cryptocurrency online publications.  

In her spare time, Rebecca makes music, cooks, works out, volunteers and enjoys modern progressive art.